Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Ab exercises!

Everyone seems to be concerned about abs. At the store magazine rack it seems there are more pictures of people showing "abs" than ever, with article on how to get great abs with no work. Right!
You can't get great anything with out working for it.   Face it.

The good news about that is-
 You don't have to kill yourself either.
 What you really should be after-- especially us older trainees-- is  a solid strong core. A mid-section that is tight and firm and holds us up straight, and supports us when we need the abdominal and back muscles to work.
This make everything better, sitting, standing, walking, driving. Every other exercise too becomes a bit easier.

You should begin by warming up the are with leg raises and stretches. Leg raise can be done while leaning back sitting on the floor, legs in and out to the chest slowly for 25-50 reps.
Then alternate holding one straight leg off the ground as high up as you can, then the other, while lying on your back.

Next on to the big exercise ball or stay on the floor for crunches. The ball works best. Sit on it, and lean back into the sit up position. Crunch by rolling the ball under yourself slightly. 25 reps or more.

If you have access to dumbells, with one in each hand do a set of sidebends, slowly bending over to stretch and tone the sides and back.
A cable is great for this and you can stretch and twist also by holding the cable at waist height, and turning to pull the cable using your midsection.

Lastly if you have ab machines, use the ones with weight. Do a set of 6 to 12 reps, and continue to add weight until you can only  do one or two reps. You will find over time the weight used for the one or two will become six to ten, and your mid-section will be tighter and stronger. CORE BABY!

After this ab workout you are ready for your other daily exercises.

This whole routine should take no more then TEN (10) minutes if done quickly and with little or no rest between each move. Drink a little water constantly.

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