Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne lived to a ripe old age by eating well, and strength training. His book Live Young Forever shows the lifestyle of someone devoted to health and fitness, while enjoying a full life.
There is nothing really new in this book, but it does reinforce the principles you need to follow to stay healthy and strong.
At 90+ he was still at it working out on his regimen daily. Too bad he didn't make 100, but that is only a another milestone for someone who had many.

If you want to be inspired read his book. His juicers are a good item to own too, I personally have juiced vegetables for over 40 years and enjoy the healthy benefits you get.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paleo , Pullups and Pushups

The three Ps that can make a difference in your life.

 PALEO- eating no grains, only wholesome fresh foods, like eggs, meats, poultry , fish and non starchy vegetables. No sugar, no wheat or any grains except small quantities of oats if you must have them. This is the diet made famous by Dr Loren Cordain.

Pushups-- Probably one of the best all around exercise. No equipment needed. Anyone can do these. Start with doing them on your knees if you have to. Progress until you can do 20 or more, then go to regular pushups, you hands should be on the floor below your shoulders and your whole body should remain straight. Try to get at least 30 a day or more if you can.

Pullups- The great old-school upper body exercise. You will need a bar of some kind to pull up on.
Hang all the way with your arms extended. Pull up until you chin passes over the bar...extend all the way down again. If you can do 5, then try for 10, I shoot for 15 each time. I hope to do 20 each year on my birthday. I'll be 64 on this next birthday