Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Almost 1 Month into 2013

One month into the new year. Are you on track? Have you made any progress yet this year?
You don't want to hit next December and realize you never got to your goal.

                               what is yourgoal?

Do you even have one?
If you wander around the gym and can't figure out what to do, or you are just not motivated...now is the time to set your goal 30 days out. Then 3-4 months out, then 1 year out.
Get a realistic goal to be more fit, trim the waistline if you need to and get stronger.
Strength helps. Strong muscles support the strong frame you need to live strong and long.

Eating right to support the workouts and generate better health is awesome. 

Why not feel as young as you can.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Making any Progress?

Look at yourself, are you making the progress you would like to see? Is your belly still bigger than your chest?  

It may be that you are in a rut, doing the same workout over and over and gaining little.

Try a new routine, whatever it is to spice it  up and stimulate growth. 
Doing the same exercises over and over, like sitting on the stationary cycle or doing the eliptical for hours is not going to change your physique.  You may get some cardio benefits, but if the belly is still bulging you are at risk for heart disease.

Combined with dietary changes and a change in your workout routine you can see results in 3-4 weeks. 
Try cutting the grains and carbs back, add more healthy protein and see what happens. oh yeah and - hold back on the beer.

Get off the easy workout and bust it a little....heavier weights...lower reps. 

Make the new year the chance to be a better one for your body and mind.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Those high intensity workouts

Many people are fascinated with high intensity workouts.  There are DVD sets available with 60 to 90 minute programs. Evidence shows that to much of a good thing can be bad for you in this case.
Too much high intensity exercise can inflame the tissues to the point where you damage the heart and cardio system.
Interval training works better and will be easier on the body especially of us over 50.
Many people get on a running machine, cycle or elliptical and stay at a pace for 30 minutes or longer. They may actually be damaging their system and seeing little progress in their health.

Running a marathon may not be heart healthy.

Use varied intensity for best results.

Runners- Try a warm up jog, then sprint for 30 seconds. Walk a bit, then sprint again. Repeat.
This is probably better for you overall than a long run at one constant speed.
This can be done on an elliptical too, where you may run at a modest rate and then speed up to get your heart rate up to near maximum for only 30 seconds. Try 30 slow and 30 fast. Your recovery will get better and your progress will improve.

A link I posted before also speaks to this---