Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old School 30 minute workout

Want to get a good workout in 30 minutes> No weight equipment necessary?

Try this;

1 set 10 reps of Sphinx stretch for lower back ( lay face down, rise up slowly with hands beneath shoulders)
1 set 25 reps of leg pull ins. Sit on floor draw knees into chest and out again.
1 set 15 reps of lunges to warm up legs

1 set 25 -30 reps regular push-ups
1 set 25-30 reps wide arm push ups
1 set 10 reps pull-ups
1 set 10 reps dips (between 2 chairs)
1 set 10 reps  chin ups ( hands face in)

1 set crunches

1 set leg pull in to chest
1 set legs rise. ( raise both  legs off floor lying flat, hold 1 straight out, raise one higher)

If you have time after this- go for a walk or swim.

This should take 30 minutes or so.. Great for hotel rooms while traveling.

Monday, December 3, 2012

More on Food

I eat very little or no processed food. 
That means I don't buy frozen food dinners, canned main dishes, ready made breads, cakes, etc. 
I eat mostly fresh vegetables, lean protein from fish and chicken and turkey, some fruits and moderation. I use almond flour and flax seeds, eat some beans and other nuts. I do like a beer or a glass of red wine, and my treats are dark chocolate ( 72% or above), and coffee. 

This works for me and will work for you. You can lose weight, lower blood pressure and  recover sooner and stringer from a workout. The secret is in eating simple, tasty and wholesome foods you like and stay away from fast food, prepared food loaded with preservatives and salt.

It is not complicated find what foods work for you and stay away from chemically processed, genetically modified and fake stuff. 
Don't drink sugared drinks or energy drinks that are loaded with junk.

Drink water and beverages low in fruit juice.

Live better longer!

Here is a good link to follow up with>>>>>> Underground wellness