Thursday, June 28, 2012

I N T E N S I T Y !!

if there is one term to describe what makes you stronger it is... INTENSITY.
This should not be a scary word for you. Your level of intensity may be 1 properly performed push up to start. My level is 20 pull-ups done right.
Whatever the intense & energy sucking exercise is for you..that is what you need to focus on.

Suggested workout for true beginners

Sit on a chair, then with hands on hips get up to standing position. Go  back down barely touching the chair. No weights used. If you must sit between repetitions, that's ok. Work towards not sitting at all.
If you can go slower that is better. Breathe and repeat until it starts to hurt. Stop there.

Add to this a floor stretch.  Lay flat on your face. with hands below your shoulders,  curve up to the sphinx pose, keeping your legs on the floor if you have to. Stretch and repeat. Get up on toes with legs off the ground if you can.

That's a start! If it is all you can do then do it!

Suggested workout for advanced training.

Split your routine into 3 x 30 minute sessions. Do one a day for 3 days. Rest on the fourth day. Walk for 30 minutes every day that you can, including the resting day.

Day 1    CHEST/ SHOULDERS/ TRIPCEPS -   Use any machines you are comfortable with. One warm up set with moderate weight doing 6-8 reps. Then one set of 6-8 with you unable to do the last rep. Slow with good breathing on each rep.  Move onto the next machine. Same structure.
You should start every day with ab and core work.
Suggested ab & core work -  Start with leg raises on the floor, sitting with hands on the floor. Bring legs to chest slowly in and out for 20-30 or more reps. This will warm up the core and lower back.
Next move to crunches using the large exercise ball if you have one, or on a machine if available.
Next use dumbells in each hand, bend sideways to stretch and tone the side abs. If you have access to cables, use weights standing sideways, grab and hold weight at waist line. Twist to the side opposite the cable. Turn around and do this for the other side.
Your goal is to work the entire core back to front.

Day 2  Back & Biceps- coming....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How do I start?

You start by deciding to start. That's it. You made the decision now you have begun and there will be no looking back! It may become hard to get to your goals, but if you can hang with the program and get beyond 30 days you will start to feel and see a difference.

Make 30 DAYS your GOAL. Get through that and then move on.

More to come.........

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eugen  Sandow- Famous strong man.

No doubt this man looked great and in his day ( The turn of the 20th Century) Eugen Sandow was the epitome of physical fitness. He was often compared to a Greek Statue and in fact posed for many artists. However in his 50's he died after pushing his car out of the mud. Felled by a stroke. Another proof that you can look good on the outside and be unhealthy inside.
Your goal should be to look good, feel good and BE HEALTHY! Too many of us work on the outside, to make ourselves look better in our view but are not doing the best for our overall health. 
Properly planned training can do it all for you if you accompany it with an outlook for health that works.
If you have come to this page looking for answers you are on the right track. I hope you will find motivation and the means to get your body in the best condition that you can.
This does not mean becoming a body builder, though you can head that way if you choose. It is more for you to learn to improve your condition, maintain better health and feel great.

Improve your quality of Life

What is it that you want to achieve through training? Better health, more energy and a more youthful appearance and outlook all can be yours.
It isn't as hard as it seems.
You need a plan, a goal and the means to get you there.
Stay tuned....