Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eugen  Sandow- Famous strong man.

No doubt this man looked great and in his day ( The turn of the 20th Century) Eugen Sandow was the epitome of physical fitness. He was often compared to a Greek Statue and in fact posed for many artists. However in his 50's he died after pushing his car out of the mud. Felled by a stroke. Another proof that you can look good on the outside and be unhealthy inside.
Your goal should be to look good, feel good and BE HEALTHY! Too many of us work on the outside, to make ourselves look better in our view but are not doing the best for our overall health. 
Properly planned training can do it all for you if you accompany it with an outlook for health that works.
If you have come to this page looking for answers you are on the right track. I hope you will find motivation and the means to get your body in the best condition that you can.
This does not mean becoming a body builder, though you can head that way if you choose. It is more for you to learn to improve your condition, maintain better health and feel great.

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