Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Motivation for "Older" Weight Trainers

This is Dan Lurie  ... a runner up to the Mr America winner in the 1940's... a self trained body builder who overcame a heart problem as a kid and went on to train many famous athletes including Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk of TV fame. He also held many Guiness Records for push ups , sit ups and more.
Dan was the Sealtest Big Top Strongman on TV in the 1950s and 60s.
 He has always trained hard and he still hits the weights daily at AGE 89!
Are you Motivated yet?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Blood Pressure!

Some people are afraid that weight training will cause their blood pressure to rise, and it could be bad for you.
This is simply been proven to be not true. Studies including one in the UK show that strength training improved muscle and skin, as well as lowering blood pressure in men studied..."Thus, circuit weight training can elicit marked improvements in muscular strength and modest improvements in body composition and cardiorespiratory endurance. Circuit weight training does not exacerbate resting or exercise blood pressure and may have beneficial effects." 

So enjoy the benefits of weight training which are many..

quoted from: Harris KAHolly RG

Thursday, August 16, 2012

REST is Ultra Important for Recovery

Before I post the next part of my 3 day routine...Chest/Shoulders/Triceps..we shold mention REST.
Listen to the body...if you are hurting, especia;;y in the lower back..don't work out that day..or the next if needed. You could do back strecthes gentyl if you are able, but the weights can hinder the recovery time.
I found this oput the hard way, insisting on working out though I was in pain and it only made th pain worse.
Taking NSAIDS like Ibuprofen is a bad idea to enable yourslef to work out. You could truly injure yourself.
Its not worth it. Resting will bring you back stronger!

I don't mean to lay down unless that is all you can do. Walk, stretch, swim, do something low impact . YOGA is good as is the P90X recovery routine. Just enjoy the time.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Arm builder

After you complete the back routine in the last post...your arms should be warmed up and ready!
Start with alternate ad dumbbell curls. Use a weight that you can do 8 repetitions with. Next add to the weight and do at least 6 reps. Next go heavier and do 4. Lastly a set of whatever you can do 1 or 2 reps with. This should be enough.
If you have any arm power left, try a set of reverse curls or hammer curls with the dumbbells or a curl bar.
This could be followed by some concentration curls with a lighter weight...seated.
Arms are tough but worth the effort.
This entire routine for back and arms should take about 30 minutes. No breaks between sets.
Now go drink some protein!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A routine to try

Try this for back and biceps. I train these together, then have two days consecutively of the other body parts grouped.

Warm up......  I do leg raises slowly to warm lower back and abs. 1 set of 20 to 30 ...slow! Try to not swing the legs up. Hold them out straight if you can at the end.

Ab machine work....one set of crunches with warm up weight. I use 40. Then a set with as much as you can handle for 10 reps. I use 70 or 80  but machines vary.
Lastly I do side bends or cable twists for back and abs together.

Now onto the back work....  One set of warm up rows  with weight. Increase weight for a second real set.
One set of pull downs with moderate weight, the increased weight for a second set.
Now that you are warmed up...I do pull ups with full extension, for as many as I can get. 10 to 20. Often it may be 12 or so just depends on how I feel that day.

Dumbbell rows..bend over with a knee on a bench pull the dumbbell to the chest using the last and arm, no jerking. Smooth movement and slow. I use 50 lbs here. Then do the other side.

One set of shoulder shrugs with heavy bells. I use 50 lbs.

Now onto the arm routine, check back tomorrow.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Face up to the fact that GRAVITY is working on pulling your body down every moment of every day. If you don't work to counteract the effects you will sag like an old beach ball.
Keeping you muscles strong and your bones solid and supportive will do a lot to keep your body erect and your back straight.
Regular stress on the frame and muscle will accomplish a lot for keeping you feeling and looking younger than your years.
Pick up something heavy!

If your work out consists of a tread mill or stationary bike and no lifting or weight machines you are missing the best you can do for your overall conditioning.
Why spend a half hour pedaling to nowhere?
Lift some weights!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

You love to Run? Be Careful....

Recent studies reported at the Mayo Clinic show that endurance exercise especially done o the extreme as in marathons, half marathons, iron man, etc...can cause damage due to stress in the heart. This damage gets worse when the entrance exercises are repeated.
So if you love to run, and run miles and miles, or bike mile and miles,or swim miles...you he the idea..you may be hurting yourself.
Regular non extreme cardio an be a good thing, but like anything taken to extremes it can be dangerous.

Strength training  with flexibility stretching and some added cardio if u must...is a better plan!

Report on endurance cardio follows...


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Don't Neglect the Legs

Your legs need even more work to stay strong and give your body the support it requires. Leg routines should include extensions a machine,or with boots. A warm up set followed by an amount of weight you can only get 6 to 8 reps out of souls do the trick.be sure to warmup the knees adquately so to avoid any injury to these vital joints.
You should also do leg presses or the ultimate leg move the squat. Squats with deep breathing are some of the overall best growth and strength exercises, not just for legs but for the whole body.
A routine of squats, heavy bench presses, lat pull downs and overhead presses can be a fabulous overall routine and one that will promote growth  If done heavy and slow with good breathing.
Remember as always be sure you are up to this type of routine and your Dr has given you the ok.
Stay strong..live long!