Thursday, August 16, 2012

REST is Ultra Important for Recovery

Before I post the next part of my 3 day routine...Chest/Shoulders/Triceps..we shold mention REST.
Listen to the body...if you are hurting, especia;;y in the lower back..don't work out that day..or the next if needed. You could do back strecthes gentyl if you are able, but the weights can hinder the recovery time.
I found this oput the hard way, insisting on working out though I was in pain and it only made th pain worse.
Taking NSAIDS like Ibuprofen is a bad idea to enable yourslef to work out. You could truly injure yourself.
Its not worth it. Resting will bring you back stronger!

I don't mean to lay down unless that is all you can do. Walk, stretch, swim, do something low impact . YOGA is good as is the P90X recovery routine. Just enjoy the time.

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