Monday, January 14, 2013

Making any Progress?

Look at yourself, are you making the progress you would like to see? Is your belly still bigger than your chest?  

It may be that you are in a rut, doing the same workout over and over and gaining little.

Try a new routine, whatever it is to spice it  up and stimulate growth. 
Doing the same exercises over and over, like sitting on the stationary cycle or doing the eliptical for hours is not going to change your physique.  You may get some cardio benefits, but if the belly is still bulging you are at risk for heart disease.

Combined with dietary changes and a change in your workout routine you can see results in 3-4 weeks. 
Try cutting the grains and carbs back, add more healthy protein and see what happens. oh yeah and - hold back on the beer.

Get off the easy workout and bust it a little....heavier weights...lower reps. 

Make the new year the chance to be a better one for your body and mind.

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