Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Almost 1 Month into 2013

One month into the new year. Are you on track? Have you made any progress yet this year?
You don't want to hit next December and realize you never got to your goal.

                               what is yourgoal?

Do you even have one?
If you wander around the gym and can't figure out what to do, or you are just not motivated...now is the time to set your goal 30 days out. Then 3-4 months out, then 1 year out.
Get a realistic goal to be more fit, trim the waistline if you need to and get stronger.
Strength helps. Strong muscles support the strong frame you need to live strong and long.

Eating right to support the workouts and generate better health is awesome. 

Why not feel as young as you can.

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