Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cracking the 200lb level

If you have been reading this blog you know I am doing a low rep 3 set of each power workout.
The goal is to maximize strength and use the large muscles to do all the work.
It s ok to add a few sets of other movements you enjoy or feel a need for but stick to the basics and see your progress.

I weigh 140. Not a big guy at all. After 4 or 5 weeks on this power program I broke 200 lbs in the squat.
For me that was an arbitrary goal I had set. I record all my lifts after the workout on my cell phone.

I started with squats-  55lbs.x 3 reps, 75lbs, 95 lbs. Progressed up a bit each time it felt right. No stressing no over exertion, no damage.

Now I am doing 95, 145, 205.

Making progress.

In the deadlift I  am moving a bit slower as the lower back for me is a problem area I need to be careful about.  I am now doing 3 sets--  reps--85, 105, 125.

Still progress without pain. At 65 its time to say "less pain = more gain".

Keep on lifting.

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