Friday, May 10, 2013

CHANGING IT UP for Success

I sometimes get frustrated at the slow progress I make. I find that at 64, the ability to put on muscle is a tough one to get a handle on. I ame able to maintain my body and keep it strong, but not as strong or muscular as I would like.
I think this is partly due to stagnation with my workouts.
So I am once again changing it up.
I am still goin to do the 30 minute 5 day a week program, split routine.
But I am adding reps and sets.

I did chest , shoulders, triceps routine yesterday with 2 sets of each exercise for as close to 15 reps as I could get. Used 80% of my max one rep weight, and more machines than free weights.
I did vertical chest press/ incline and decline chest press/ dumbell flyes/ free weight bench press.
Seated overhead press/ tricep press down, dips/ shoulder raise on machine.

Will do back and biceps today, same structure.

I do some ab work at every workout, and do the HiiT traiing warm up on elliptical.

Hopefully this will spark some more progress or at least add a bit more muscle to my still small frame.

 tricep press down attachment

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