Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New HiiT information

The evidence for short burst training and the benefits it can give is rolling in. Results of a 20 second high intensity burst followed by rest period and then 3 more fast/ slow sequences are really good. Blood tests reveal the lowering of blood sugars after pst- workout meals even days later.

My new warm up is a sequence of 5 by 30 seconds elliptical sets, with a 30 second slow down between. I use a 1 minute warm up at the slow speed, of 3.5 miles per hour. Then a 30 second burst at 10 MPH which is hard to maintain for long. I pump the machine with legs and arms.

My heart rate is in the 130-140 range.

I follow this up with my ab routine;

1 set of leg raises on a parallel bar set. Then a few "L" position holds.
Crunch machine with 50 pounds, followed by 70 lbs, then 80 lbs.
Flex ball set of 25 sit ups.
Side bends with 50 lb dumbells.

This is followed by whatever split I am doing that day, legs, back& biceps, or chest/shoulders/triceps.

This workouot is non stop and takes roughly 30 minutes to get through.

If I am having back pain or low level of energy I may use lighter weights or machines for each exercise. IN any event I do the routine and get it done. Slow reps, good breathing and I listen to motivational pod-casts like Fat Burning Man or Underground Wellness.

It works for me. It could work for you if you eat right ( low carb- no grains and high protein, good fats especially from coconut and some dairy) .

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