Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old School 30 minute workout

Want to get a good workout in 30 minutes> No weight equipment necessary?

Try this;

1 set 10 reps of Sphinx stretch for lower back ( lay face down, rise up slowly with hands beneath shoulders)
1 set 25 reps of leg pull ins. Sit on floor draw knees into chest and out again.
1 set 15 reps of lunges to warm up legs

1 set 25 -30 reps regular push-ups
1 set 25-30 reps wide arm push ups
1 set 10 reps pull-ups
1 set 10 reps dips (between 2 chairs)
1 set 10 reps  chin ups ( hands face in)

1 set crunches

1 set leg pull in to chest
1 set legs rise. ( raise both  legs off floor lying flat, hold 1 straight out, raise one higher)

If you have time after this- go for a walk or swim.

This should take 30 minutes or so.. Great for hotel rooms while traveling.

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