Thursday, November 29, 2012

Foods to avoid

If you are working out to maintain your health and strength you must pay special attention to what you eat. 
Having added protein is a good thing, especially if it is from the best sources you can afford. Eggs, lean meats, chicken and fish. I avoid farm raised fish, and try to eat vegetarian fed chicken and eggs.

Junk food has to go! You can't eat sugar, and should try to avoid all grains." Healthy "whole grains are simply NOT HEALTHY. This is a selling scam put on you by the big agricultural companies. Eating pasta and other wheat products is especially bad for your heart health. Though you may not be gluten intolerant, or have celiac disease, these foods are still hurting your energy and recovery.

Check out the Wheat Belly information by Dr William Davis. He is a cardiologist who also understands diet, exercise and strength training, and does this himself.
What you put in your body matters even more as you age. If you want to keep the strong bones and muscle you need to feel younger food has got to be chosen carefully.
Avoid the foods that can huts you like GMO Soy, corn, sugar, and fried foods.
Stick to good healthy salads with Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy, lots of other greens as well.
Cook a chicken breast in olive oil and garlic, throw in some sliced onions, broccoli, kale and whatever you have and cover the pan. It will steam the flavors into the veggies.  Quick and easy.

For breakfast: try a "cereal" made with a few tbs of almond meal, a small amount of oat bran, ground or whole flax, blueberries and a dash of xylitol or other healthy sweetener if you need it.
Stir and heat until at a consistency you like.
You can also take the same mix and add an egg, 1 tsp baking power and bake into a bread in 1.5 minutes in the microwave. Look for almond meal bread recipes on the web. This is low carb, has good protein and no garbage food in it.
Here is a pizza crust with similar ingredients..

Stoke the fire and use only the best wood!

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