Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Need to drop a few pounds, add some extra energy?

   Here is a great way to drop a few lbs and add energy to your      lifestyle

Start your day with a green smoothie. 

You can flavor it to your taste, here is a quick recipe:

A few kale leaves, romaine, spinach whatever you have. Tear them up a bit and stuff in your blender. I use a Magic Bullet blender. 

Add a scoop of protein powder. I use Pea Protein from VITACOST.COM
Add a small dab of raw honey or 1/2 tsp Stevia. Add a tsp of tumeric powder - great for the joints and blood health.
I flavor it with 100% unsweetened cocoa powder.
Blend it. 

Drink 8 oz or so. 


Then try the morning routine for warm up here  it's easy and will make you feel great.
                                                  Have a great day!

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