Thursday, February 2, 2017

Simple fasting and HIIT

Football season- at least  for me means beer and TV. Both are not great for the body. This year no exception, I drank my share of favorite brews and enjoyed a lot of games. I especially like the array of craft beer locally for sale.
The weight gain was minimal but still annoying. In order to trim off the extra poundage I followed a simple fasting plan.

-Eat normal most days, but no food or snacks after 7PM, and then the next day no food until noon.
 I chose black coffee to start my day. Stevia sweetened. Minimal calories.

At noon I returned from a morning work out and had salad, or egg/bacon lunch.

I dropped about 6 pounds pretty quickly and was glad to see it go.
This is the method called EAT STOP EAT, form the book by the same name. Also a web site.
This is a simple to follow method of fasting intermittently which has great results for weight control.

Another method is the 5 and 2.  You eat five of the seven days each week, and fast on two. Pick two you can deal with, like Friday and Monday or whatever, The method is also great for weight control and is easy to follow.
Combine an intermittent fasting program with HIIT Training and see results that will astound you.

Less weight, great blood chemistry and overall well being.

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