Thursday, April 23, 2015

A great warm up

 A great exercise for a quick warm up or a short workout is the HINDU SQUAT.
Not sure why it is called this, but there are also Hindu pushups to go along with these.

These squats warm up and strengthen the legs and help with balance problems.
You perform them like this-

Stand straight with your back a few inches from a wall. Rise on your toes as you squat down with your arms just behind you. The wall will add some security to the balance part of this exercise.
Also if you lightly touch your fingers to the wall it will help you go down straight and increase your balance.

Do not do these if you suffer from bad knees. Instead only go down partially until you are comfortable with a deeper squat.

No weight are necessary, rather aim for 12-15 reps to start, then go for as many as you can.

In the Hindu pushup you do a floor push up, but as you go down you move forward on your hands into an arched stretch, the curve backwards as you go up. This adds an extra challenge to the pushup. Start with your butt up higher than you normally would.

Combine these two moves for a great quick work out. You will be surprised at the results.

In this video there re modified versions of these two moves..

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