Thursday, September 25, 2014

To Supplement or not to Supplement

If you work out and want to grow more muscle you need to eat protein, but often  that is not enough.
Supplement with Protein Powder. Choose a natural unsweetened or minimally sweetened product , preferably one that is also low carb. You want the protein and not the sugars.

Whey protein is good unless you restrict dairy. There are brown rice protein, hemp protein, soy protein and many more that will give your muscles the ability to grow and stay firm.

Mix the powder with purified water, whole milk, coconut water, coconut milk,  or almond milk. Any liquid that you prefer the taste of.
Ok just not beer. Not that I am against a little beer, but not right after a workout which is when you should drink your protein shake.

Other supplements that are helpful :
Magnesium- most of us are deficient in this and it can help prevent cramping especially those painful calf cramps. Take this after dinner.

Vitamin D3- Ultra important as we never get enough form sun exposure.

Vitamin C- 100 MGS daily is anti-aging and anti-cancer. Support for bones and blood.

Other supplements can be helpful, depending on your body's needs.

The main thing is to eat clean and healthy, Limited or no grains.

More on this later.....

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